The same hitting mechanism used in both versions

FairwayPro introduces a groundbreaking golf practice device that revolutionizes the way golfers train.

The FairwayPro turf tray is a revolutionary training aid that transforms your golf practice experience by providing a more realistic and authentic feel. Traditional stationary range mats often result in issues with clubhead bounce and can lead to unwanted swing modifications. In contrast, the FairwayPro allows you to maintain your natural swing by enabling you to hit down-and-through, just like you would on a real fairway.

The innovative design of the FairwayPro ensures that you can experience the sensation of taking a divot correctly, replicating the feel of hitting off a natural fairway. By mimicking the give of real grass under the clubhead, the FairwayPro promotes a confident and consistent swing that translates to improved performance on the course.

Unlike conventional range mats, the FairwayPro’s dynamic turf tray yields to the clubhead’s motion, encouraging proper technique and swing mechanics. With the FairwayPro, golfers can practice hitting down-and-through with ease, enhancing their skills and honing their game in a way that closely resembles playing on a real fairway.

With the FairwayPro’s innovative design, golfers can practice their authentic swing without having to make any compensations for the common issue of clubhead bounce experienced with traditional range mats. This unique feature ensures a more realistic feel and experience when hitting off the fairway and taking a divot.

By eliminating the need to adjust for clubhead bounce, the FairwayPro enables golfers to groove their natural swing effortlessly. The turf tray’s ability to yield under the clubhead’s pressure replicates the sensation of hitting off real grass, allowing for a more accurate representation of the fairway experience.

Overall, the FairwayPro’s mechanism enhances the practice session by providing a consistent and realistic feel that closely resembles playing on a natural fairway. Golfers can focus on perfecting their technique and improving their game without the distraction of compensating for the limitations of traditional range mats.

FairwayPro offers a solution for realistic fairway practice and stopping the ball on the green. By simulating the natural give of real grass, the FairwayPro helps golfers develop the proper swing and clubhead interaction needed to control their approach shots and land the ball with precision on the green. With the FairwayPro, golfers can confidently practice their approach shots, knowing that the realistic turf response will translate to improved control and accuracy on the course.