In the early era of hitting mats, pro golfer Lee Trevino remarked, “Range mats have ruined the game of golf.”

Golfers from his generation, including Palmer, Nicklaus, and Player, grew up learning to play the game on grass, a luxury few city dwellers enjoy nowadays.
Golf enthusiasts know that consistent practice is critical to improving their game. However, using artificial hitting mats has always been a concern for even the top players.
This concern is more urgent today with the continuous evolution of club design and the increased number of city-dweller golfers practicing on artificial mats. The concept itself needed science that mat developers overlooked.

The personal-use version sold tens of thousands annually, rated 4.5 stars on Amazon with zero returns. We are launching a commercial version in January 2024 to reach more golfers.

Golf clubs have continued to evolve while hitting mats have just now caught up.

Science and experience have provided a ‘practice the way you play’ solution to fulfill the current and coming needs.

  1. Moving FairwayPro from our personal-use version to the commercial segment will put massive numbers of those city-dweller golfers before advanced, proven technology. By practicing and learning with this science-backed reactive technology, golfers will score like never before.
  2. This is because the turf slides forward during the split-second of ball contact, giving way just like natural grass. The golfers win by engaging with this new technology, and golf wins by endorsing and implementing this innovation.

This ensures that practice and play are consistent and complementary, offering a new level of ball contact realism and accuracy.

Our divot simulator is backed by science and designed to help golfers improve their ball flight, accuracy, and backspin.

We compared FairwayPro to what happens when the club strikes the ball on natural grass in that fraction of a second.

  • On natural grass, when the ball is struck first in a downward blow, the ball is forced into the turf that rips forward, called a divot, creating a backspin by sliding up the surface of the club face under the divot-tear resistance. The horizontal grooves are the key to generating this critical backspin. 
  • On FairwayPro, the turf also slides forward, creating the same ball reaction and allowing golfers to shape their ball flight, helping to stop the ball on the green like hitting off natural grass.

This closes the glaring gap between practice and play and changes the game of golf.

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  • Inexpensive replaceable pre-cut hitting turf that keeps the tee station fresh and new and replaceable in minutes
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FairwayPro divot science is the future of golf practice. Especially where grass practice is not available, this is the correct alternative. With our factory-direct program loaded with valuable benefits, including lower costs, you can choose to integrate the introduction of FairwayPro at your own pace with this unique program.

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We look forward to any specific questions regarding the pre-order program and other details on how FairwayPro can be further implemented to meet your specific needs.

The Original FairwayPro Divot Simulator

By simply watching how FairwayPro responds when impacted by the ball being struck,
and comparing that, side-by-side, to a pro golfer shot taking a perfect divot 

— there is nothing more that needs to be said on that score!

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 Sales Materials And Marketing Background – Consumer Version

FairwayPro retail packaging.

Sold at the largest golf retail store in the U.S.

FairwayPro sold at golf course pro shops around the world.

Retail sales at Anaheim, CA Roger Dunn Sporting Goods (above) and sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

FairwayPro international trade show exhibit at consumer golf show in Beijing, China.

FairwayPro event handout.

FairwayPro print advertising example.

Analysis of the number of golf courses and driving ranges today and the specific number in each country. The research was conducted to fully understand the global commercial size of the market and its practice distribution in each market location.