How And Why It Works

Forward-sliding turf enables the correct down-and-through swing.

The concept of the FairwayPro is rooted in the idea that traditional hitting mats do not accurately replicate the feel of hitting off real grass. Studies have shown that the static nature of hitting mats can be both uncomfortable and detrimental to a golfer’s swing mechanics.

To address these issues, the FairwayPro was designed with a forward-sliding turf mechanism that mimics the natural motion of grass when a golf ball is struck. This innovative system allows the turf to give way, creating a divot just like on a real fairway.

By simulating the organic movement of grass, the FairwayPro promotes a correct down-and-through swing, enabling golfers to practice more effectively. The dynamic nature of the turf prevents the club head from bouncing off a static surface, leading to a more consistent and comfortable hitting experience.