Product Reviews

“This unit is slick.  The re-loading action of the grass pad is pretty amazing and although the construction is mechanical, when you actually hit down and through the ball it really does feel like you’re hitting off the fairway.  Even though the unit is mechanical, it doesn’t ‘feel’ mechanical when you strike the ball.  The recoil or reloading sound of the spring and mat is really the only clue that you’re using a machine as a platform.  With the FairwayPro, gone are the days of looking around at the range for a suitable place to practice on natural turf – as long as you can find a place to position the unit, you’ll be good to go with a much improved workout session for your swing.  I hit ninety balls off the FairwayPro with various clubs, and I clearly did not have that joint stress that can sometimes occur after a long session at the range.  In addition to using just about any club in your bag, practicing shots where you need to work the ball can also be done on the FairwayPro.”

— Chris Berevnay

“Immediately I noticed a cleaner strike on the golf ball which was allowing me to hit the ball more “pure.” The problem however was that I began hitting everything longer, but that’s an ‘okay’ problem to have with an easy fix. I have visited the range many times since to begin re-calibrating my iron distances as a result of my improved divot movement and ball striking. After quickly determining my distances appropriately and executing the shot (with the help of my Bushnell TOUR V3 Jolt Rangefinder), I have been able to hit more greens in regulation which I noticed on my stats log.”

— Michael Fasano

“It does work surprisingly well and I have to admit I have never felt so at ease playing directly off an artificial mat as I did with this.  Usually I am very aware that the mat is rigid and am wary of causing injury to my wrists when I play my shots.  I guess I never get 100% out of my swing on a range mat.  With Fairwaypro however it only took me about 10 minutes before I was fully comfortable and whacking those balls down the range.  I especially liked that I could play any shot and any club I wanted to and the FairwayPro will do what it does.  It also looks pretty cool at the range and I had a few people ask me what I was using and where could they get one from.”

— Neil Breakwell