Discover the Story Behind FairwayPro:
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James and Margaret McFarlin, seasoned marketing professionals, conceived FairwayPro while leading B2B marketing and PR services for Shell US in Houston. Their extensive experience in various marketing sectors, including golf-related marketing inspired by the iconic Shell Wonderful World of Golf TV series, set the stage for their next entrepreneurial journey. Margaret, a financial executive in Texaco’s marketing department in LA, transitioned to James’ firm following the merger of Texaco and Shell’s US operations.

Motivated to learn golf and connect with the brand and category managers on the fairway in Houston, the McFarlin’s encountered a common issue: injuries from hitting golf balls on static, hard surfaces. They addressed this problem by developing FairwayPro through a series of prototypes. Despite challenges from a Chinese manufacturer and legal battles, described later, FairwayPro is emerging as a global success.

With a keen eye for innovation and a commitment to solving industry gaps,  Their resilience in overcoming hurdles and commitment to product excellence showcase their dedication to revolutionizing the golf training industry.

James and Margaret’s marketing expertise has been instrumental in FairwayPro’s success. Their strategic approach to branding and launching new products has resulted in several international business triumphs, including iconic brands such as SKECHERS, Johnny Rockets Cafe, and WallyPark Airport Parking.

This proven track record of brand development and global expansion positions McFarlin as a visionary leader in marketing.

James and Margaret have cultivated relationships with key stakeholders in the golf arena through their agency’s innovative marketing strategies and strong industry connections. Collaborations with PGA players and industry influencers have driven FairwayPro’s success. Their ability to leverage media platforms such as the Golf Channel, NBC Sports, and The PGA Tour showcases their proficiency in promoting cutting-edge products to a global audience.

McFarlin’s commitment to excellence and marketing understanding has been the cornerstone of FairwayPro’s rise in the golf industry. Their relentless pursuit of innovation and market penetration through strategic partnerships and endorsements with notable PGA leaders underscores their dedication to transforming the golf training landscape.

FairwayPro’s disruptive entry into the commercial golf hitting mat market has sparked tremendous interest and demand from various industry stakeholders, including golf course superintendents, driving range owners, simulator makers, and key decision-makers. This enthusiastic reception underlines the critical need for a solution that caters to the distinct requirements of commercial-use hitting mats, setting the stage for FairwayPro’s transformative impact on the industry.

Driven by a meticulous market assessment and an in-depth understanding of the sector’s dynamics, FairwayPro embarked on developing a tailored commercial version to meet the evolving demands of the market. Leveraging their vast industry connections and insights from club makers, golf course and driving range owners, simulator makers, and other influential figures,

McFarlin pivoted towards developing a commercial version of FairwayPro for golf courses, driving ranges, simulators, teaching facilities, and global entertainment golf venues.

FairwayPro executed a targeted email campaign that yielded exceptional results. The impressive open rate, exceeding industry benchmarks by 50%, is a testament to the resounding interest and acceptance of FairwayPro’s commercial offering within the golf community. Clubmakers reached as high as 96% open rate and several responded positively.

In response to continuous feedback and market insights, FairwayPro introduced an innovative indoor commercial version designed specifically for the burgeoning simulator market. This groundbreaking iteration allows global simulator installers to seamlessly integrate FairwayPro into existing installations, which will be described in more detail later. It offers a state-of-the-art training experience that sets new standards in golf technology and performance.

With touring professionals increasingly embracing simulators for tournament preparation, FairwayPro stands poised to witness widespread adoption in elite training environments. The endorsement from multiple simulator makers and the upcoming rollout of test units indicate strong industry validation and anticipation for FairwayPro’s market debut.

Commercial Hitting Mat Market

The tee bays are allocated among golf courses, driving ranges, and countries. In the high-end commercial hitting mat market, FiberBuilt dominates with a 20% market share. Our experience indicates that it remains the same, even with occasional updates. It features spiked vertical nylon, similar to a toothbrush, which offers a forgiving impact and makes the golfer feel nothing. However, this can be problematic as it eliminates the necessary feedback required for practice improvement, leading to golfers having to start over with their swing on the course.

On the other hand, the FairwayPro is designed to provide more than just a comfortable practice experience. When a golfer hits the ball on the FairwayPro, it offers the same feel and impact as hitting it on the actual fairway.

Through our extensive experience in catering to both the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors, FairwayPro has cultivated a deep understanding of the nuances and demands within the golf industry and positioned at the intersection of two primary business categories – the PGA and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). FairwayPro strategically engages with key stakeholders to drive market penetration and will continue establishing a formidable presence in the golf landscape.

The PGA, representing a diverse spectrum of entities, including PGA Tour players, PGA Pro Teachers, PGA Merchandise Shows, and PGA Super Stores, serves as the quintessential face of golf, embodying the sport’s essence and allure. By leveraging strategic partnerships and participation in prominent PGA events, such as the PGA Trade Show in Orlando, FairwayPro targets vital decision-makers and influencers within the PGA ecosystem. Our exclusive agreement with a PGA test center contact to allocate 50% of tee stations for FairwayPro underscores our cutting-edge technology’s appeal and superiority over traditional hitting-mat offerings, positioning us as a premier choice for club makers and industry insiders.

Furthermore, FairwayPro’s alignment with the GCSAA, which is focused on the products and services essential to golf courses, reinforces our commitment to catering to the diverse needs of golf course superintendents and industry professionals. Leveraging our distribution network and global presence, FairwayPro engages with international distributors to replicate our successful trade show demonstrations and amplify our market reach worldwide.

Our strategic collaboration with a PGA pro as the face of FairwayPro in TV and online commercials adds a personal touch, resonating with golf enthusiasts and professionals and reinforcing the brand’s credibility and appeal. As technology emerges as a crucial driver in golf promotion and industry advancements, FairwayPro’s high-tech innovations and scientific prowess set us apart, underscoring our unique value proposition and narrative in the competitive golf market.

As we delve into the economic landscape, it’s imperative to highlight Margaret’s expertise in finance, backed by an MBA from the University of Chicago and a wealth of experience advising major corporations like Texaco and Shell in their marketing departments. This unique blend of financial acumen and marketing insights makes Margaret a valuable asset in steering FairwayPro’s economic trajectory.

Our products are poised for immediate tooling, manufacturing, and distribution, with CAD-ready designs and prototyped models primed for production. A comprehensive cost analysis has been conducted, aligning with calculated parameters to ensure financial viability. The final bids reflect manageable costs, including minor additions from simulator experts introducing the indoor version, signaling a seamless integration of consumer and commercial offerings.

With everything complete, to remain on target to initiate manufacturing, the focus is on getting that going. While underway, the market planning will be implemented, including pre-sales. We can supply specific details, and the bottom line is that the profitability and sales volume match and exceed standard Keystone economics.
With a meticulous eye on financial efficiency and strategic planning, FairwayPro remains committed to transparent communication and collaboration on all monetary considerations. Detailed insights on costs, pricing strategies, and production timelines are readily available, bolstering our financial roadmap and fostering informed decision-making on the road to commercial success.

Amid ongoing discussions and strategic alignment on critical financial fronts, FairwayPro remains agile and adaptive, ensuring optimal planning and resource allocation to capitalize on market opportunities and drive sustainable growth and profitability.

Beyond outright ownership, there are options we will be glad to consider. An excellent way to do this is to have a Zoom-style meeting at that point.

When we do that, we can move faster to determine whether this is good for both sides. It will also be good to know the motivating factors moving us forward quickly, as there are some key factors we are considering:
We are a couple with a long history of running a successful marketing firm serving significant clients. 

After many years with Shell Oil, we moved into the golf business for fun with a great product. It was well thought out and creative, solved a significant disconnect in golf, and took off immediately.

Next came the giant grab: Our overseas supplier AVIC, a Chinese state-owned enterprise, secretly manufactured and sold FairwayPro all over Asia. We discovered this when our Japan distributor told us our product was on, the largest eCommerce website in the world—larger than Amazon.

It took time to resolve this since they stopped shipping to us after we discovered what they were up to. AVIC has a US satellite office close to us in Pomona. They had referred us to their home AVCO office in China.

We filed a lawsuit and won. In response, AVIC filed for bankruptcy. The largest law firm in the world, which is also based in Los Angeles and has global offices in China, is on retainer and well-versed in defending the global onset of IP theft, a regular Chinese activity. 

AVIC is an aerospace entity in China that manufactures its military equipment. Every fighter jet and drone is an exact copy of US and Russian technology. Please look at the Popular Mechanics for detailed coverage of stolen and copied aerospace technology:

This innovative mat is engineered with cutting-edge technology and precision and replicates the feel of hitting off natural grass. It allows you to enhance your swing, refine your technique, and elevate your game to new heights. 

We are ready to take the next step and move forward with the FairwayPro project. We are prepared for rapid progress after investing significant time and resources to bring it to this stage. With our international expertise and firsthand experience, we seek the right buyer partner to help us realize the full potential of this innovative technology.

We have several options to consider for the future of FairwayPro:

  1. Outright Ownership: Our ultimate goal is to pass FairwayPro to the correct entity to succeed us. Finding a partner who shares our vision of enhancing the game through this technology and is willing to collaborate on a smooth transition is paramount. Our commitment to the project is unwavering, and we are eager to work with the right buyer to achieve our common goal. Success will be a joint effort, and our involvement will be crucial.

  2. Partial Ownership: We are open to exploring a partial ownership arrangement with a buyer who may prefer a different level of investment or involvement. This could involve contributing funds for tooling and manufacturing in exchange for a percentage of ownership, with the potential for increased engagement as the business expands. Investing in initial production runs and having a stake in the industry can pave the way for a deeper partnership and future opportunities for collaboration and growth.

The consumer and commercial versions of FairwayPro.

Shaping the Future: Exploring New Horizons in Commercial Industry Partnerships

We have discussed FairwayPro with many of the significant simulator makers and reviewed the market size. Several solutions have been incorporated into the new commercial version.

In addition to the indoor version with a bunker-style artificial sand module, the FairwayPro hitting mechanism is targeted for existing simulator retrofits worldwide. As shown here, simulator makers and independent installers will refit the hitting product, allowing regular golfers and pros to enjoy and promote the technology.

During the height of the recent COVID pandemic, we received many emails and had discussions with FairwayPro users who fitted their units in their home simulators.

This led us to release a specific version for easy existing simulator retrofits.  

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Commentator Jimmy Roberts presented the FairwayPro during the Accenture Match Play Tournament on NBC Sports. 

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Beyond the Greens: Charting the Course for Consumer Market Domination

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FairwayPro 60-second TV commercial, online and retail video. A five-minute version with live testimonials from PGA Teaching Pros was also developed for other uses, including social media. 

FairwayPro is featured at the largest golf retail store in the US. Several retail facilities set up testing areas, allowing golfers to try out the product and purchase it at the store.

FairwayPro consumer version is sold in golf course pro shops in the US and will be expanded worldwide.

Our 60-second video showcases the sales features of FairwayPro in action alongside the product.

Further discussions are welcome.

As a fellow golf enthusiast, if this opportunity isn’t good for you, please pass it along with my best regards.