FairwayPro Behind-the-Scenes: The Untold Relaunch Story

From China, Across Asia: Unauthorized Sale Spreads FairwayPro Post Initial Launch

Following the acquisition of patents and a successful product launch, we were met with a disheartening discovery. Our Chinese state-owned manufacturer, operating through its US satellite office in Pomona, CA, distributed our product across Asia, making millions without our consent. This unauthorized act led to the suspension of product shipments when they filed for bankruptcy in the US (Case No.: 2:20-bk-19043-WB). The bankruptcy court’s limited authority over international transactions complicated matters, and we faced a significant challenge in seeking legal redress as our tooling had been destroyed.

Despite the legal hurdles, the demand for our pioneering FairwayPro technology remained robust. Our remaining inventory sold out almost double the original price, demonstrating the market’s confidence in our product. During this period, we developed a commercial version tailored for golf courses, driving ranges, teaching facilities, golf simulators, entertainment venues, and more, reaffirming our commitment to revolutionizing golf practice with our divot simulator.

Despite the setbacks, we are preparing for an exciting forthcoming product launch to reintroduce FairwayPro to the market and deliver our unique divot simulator innovation back to golfers.

   The FairwayPro Product and Expansion

FairwayPro Fusion: Club and Mat Unite for Practice That Feels Like Play

Our divot simulator hitting mat enhances today’s golf clubs and digital simulators.

Blending Practice and Play – in a Whole New Way

The FairwayPro divot simulator hitting mechanism is the core technology forming the basis of the brands expanded offering.

FairwayPro Consumer Version: Revolutionizing Golf Performance

The divot simulator mechanism is the market-proven core technology common to all versions, including the golf simulator retrofit and the indoor and outdoor commercial versions.

Our state-of-the-art technology goes beyond mere replication of natural grass impact—it intricately captures the essence of every swing with unparalleled precision. Feel the turf slide forward upon each strike, shaping your ball flight and enhancing your ability to control spin for precision backspin shots that mirror natural turf conditions.

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon and sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods and other major golf retail outlets.

   About the Founders and the Expansion Program

Meet Jim and Margaret McFarlin, seasoned marketing experts whose brainchild, FairwayPro, was born amid their tenure overseeing B2B marketing and PR services for Shell US in Houston. With a rich tapestry of marketing experience spanning diverse sectors, their inspiration drawn from golf-related marketing, influenced by the iconic Shell Wonderful World of Golf TV series, set the foundation for their entrepreneurial pursuit. Margaret, a former financial executive at Texaco’s LA marketing department, joined James’ ranks after the merger of Texaco and Shell’s US operations.

Driven by a desire to immerse themselves in golf and engage with brand and category managers on Houston’s golf fairways, they encountered a glaring issue: injuries resulting from striking golf balls on semi-rigid, unyielding surfaces. This predicament fueled the development of FairwayPro, meticulously crafted through a series of prototypes.

James and Margaret’s marketing acumen has been pivotal in propelling FairwayPro to success. Their prior strategic branding and product launch tactics have yielded numerous international branding and product launches, including SKECHERS, Johnny Rockets Cafe, and WallyPark Airport Parking.
Through fostering meaningful relationships with key industry stakeholders and leveraging innovative marketing strategies, James and Margaret have galvanized FairwayPro’s ascent. Collaborations with PGA luminaries and industry influences have been instrumental in driving FairwayPro’s trajectory, while their adept utilization of media platforms such as the Golf Channel, NBC Sports, and The PGA underscores their prowess in propelling cutting-edge products to a worldwide audience.

Visit our legacy marketing website:

When showcasing the consumer version at golf trade shows such as the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL, and at golf trade shows worldwide, we received numerous requests to expand the product into the commercial market. The announcement of FairwayPro’s entry into the commercial golf-hitting mat market has generated significant interest and demand among various industry stakeholders, including golf course supervisors, driving range proprietors, simulator manufacturers, and key decision-makers. This positive reception emphasizes the pressing need for a solution tailored to the specific requirements of commercial-grade hitting mats, marking the beginning of FairwayPro’s transformative impact on industry standards.

The outdoor commercial version of FairwayPro.

Guided by a rigorous market assessment and a profound insight into sector dynamics, FairwayPro crafted tailor-made commercial versions to address the evolving market needs. Leveraging their extensive industry network and insights garnered from club manufacturers, golf course and driving range operators, simulator developers, and other influential entities, the development of two commercial iterations of FairwayPro catering to golf courses, driving ranges, simulators, teaching facilities, and global entertainment golf venues and more.

   The Consumer Version

Following our groundbreaking divot mechanism discovery, we successfully introduced it to the market and, as anticipated, received enthusiastic reviews and widespread acceptance.
Due to the overwhelming demand and positive feedback, we are planning to re-release this version along with other variations. The distribution is already organized, and we are excited to meet the needs of our waiting customers.
Numerous PGA teaching professionals regularly contact us, expressing their intention to purchase multiple units for their classes. With our support, they will then recommend the appropriate teaching tools to their students.

   The New FairwayPro for Golf Simulators and Simulator Retrofits

Over 90 million rounds of golf are played each year on golf simulators

Having engaged in fruitful conversations with notable simulator manufacturers, we have meticulously assessed market needs and seamlessly integrated various enhancements into the latest commercial version of FairwayPro. Noteworthy among these adaptations is the provision for simulator retrofits worldwide, catering to the demands of both indoor enthusiasts and outdoor tour professionals. The versatile hitting mechanism, exemplified by the bunker-style artificial sand module, has piqued the interest of various simulator vendors and independent installers. By incorporating the FairwayPro technology into existing simulators, both amateur golfers and seasoned professionals, including touring pros preparing for tournaments, can leverage and champion this cutting-edge innovation. This strategic alignment not only enhances user experience but also propels the technology to new heights in the golfing realm.

   Finance, Distribution and Marketing


Drawing upon our extensive expertise in catering to Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors, FairwayPro has honed a profound understanding of the intricacies and exigencies inherent in the golf industry. Positioned at the confluence of two pivotal business realms—the PGA and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA)—FairwayPro strategically intersects with key stakeholders to propel market penetration and fortify its standing in the golf sphere.
The PGA, emblematic of diverse entities encompassing PGA Tour luminaries, PGA Pro Teachers, PGA Merchandise Shows, and PGA Tour Headquarters and Super Stores, stands as the epitome of golf’s essence and allure. By forging strategic alliances and actively participating in marquee PGA events such as the PGA Trade Show in Orlando, FairwayPro strategically targets influential decision-makers within the PGA ecosystem. Our exclusive accord with a PGA test center partner to designate 50% of tee stations for FairwayPro underscores the appeal of our cutting-edge technology and its superiority over conventional hitting mat offerings, positioning us as the preeminent choice for club manufacturers and industry insiders.
FairwayPro’s alignment with the GCSAA, devoted to products and services critical to golf courses, underscores our unwavering commitment to meeting the multifaceted needs of golf course superintendents and industry practitioners. Leveraging our extensive distribution network and global footprint, FairwayPro collaborates with international distributors to replicate successful trade show demonstrations and amplify our market outreach on a global scale.
Our strategic partnership with a PGA professional as the embodiment of FairwayPro in television and online commercials imbues a personalized touch that resonates with golf enthusiasts and professionals, amplifying the brand’s credibility and allure. In an era where technology is a linchpin in golf advocacy and industry progress, FairwayPro’s sophisticated innovations and scientific acumen differentiate us, delineating our unique value proposition and narrative in the fiercely competitive golf market.

In financial analysis, it is essential to accentuate Margaret’s expertise in finance, fortified by an MBA from the University of Chicago and a wealth of experience advising top-tier corporations like Texaco and Shell in their marketing domains. This unique fusion of financial expertise and marketing acumen positions Margaret as a valuable linchpin in steering FairwayPro’s economic trajectory toward success.
Our products stand poised for swift tooling, manufacturing, and distribution, armed with CAD-ready designs and prototyped models primed for production. A meticulous cost analysis has been undertaken, aligning with precise parameters to guarantee financial sustainability. The finalized bids encapsulate manageable costs, incorporating minor enhancements from simulator experts for introducing the indoor version, heralding a seamless fusion of consumer-centric and commercial offerings.
As we gear up to kickstart manufacturing operations, the focus shifts towards market planning implementation, encompassing pre-sales initiatives. Comprehensive details can be furnished, with the underlying premise being that the profitability and sales volume match or surpass standard Keystone economics.
Maintaining an unwavering focus on financial prudence and strategic foresight, FairwayPro remains steadfast in fostering transparent communication and collaborative efforts concerning all fiscal facets. Detailed insights on costs, pricing methodologies, and production timelines stand readily available, fortifying our financial roadmap and facilitating well-informed decision-making en route to commercial triumph.
Amid ongoing dialogues and strategic harmonization on pivotal financial fronts, FairwayPro is agile and adaptable. It ensures optimal planning and resource allocation to capitalize on market prospects and propel sustainable growth and profitability.

   The Commercial Hitting Mat Market by Location

The hitting bays at golf courses, driving ranges, and other locations are categorized by country. In the high-end commercial hitting mat market, FiberBuilt dominates with a 20% market share. Their product has remained the same, with occasional minor updates. Initially, it featured spiked vertical nylon, similar to a toothbrush, which offers a forgiving impact, and the golfer feels nothing. However, this was problematic as it eliminated the necessary feedback for practice improvement.
FairwayPro’s anticipated market share will equal or exceed Fiberbuilt, and our global revenue projection will grow to at least $30 million annually.
The analysis does not fully consider the significant growth of golf simulators and entertainment venues, which have expanded considerably in recent years. The FairwayPro divot simulator technology accurately replicates ball flight and backspin characteristics, which are then read by the simulator’s digital receptors, which display the shot results. 

In anticipation of the interest, we are currently communicating with most golf simulator manufacturers. To date, three of the top ten have already placed demo orders for in-house evaluation in advance of production.

  Investment Options: Overview

Our goal: Immediate Manufacturing and Distribution
We are poised for a seamless market re-entry and rebirth of FairwayPro, an established golf company, by fulfilling inventory requirements and establishing the initial relaunch. Below is the organization’s current value, the amount of funding required, and the percentage allocation.

An Exceptional Investment Opportunity with Two Paths

Embark on a transformative journey with FairwayPro, offering two strategic investment options. After a journey of innovation and resilience, we are ready for a relaunch and expansion.

Option 1: Full Business Acquisition
We can negotiate an arrangement to manage the business to your satisfaction under your ownership with a purchase management agreement if desired. Other options can be discussed.

Option 2
Partnering for Success
Ownership shares in FairwayPro in a strategic partnership to drive collaborative innovation and business growth is a valuable option with the right parties seizing lucrative opportunities as we evolve.
Investor Parameters Overview

The Current value of FairwayPro is $2.3M. Investors participating in this $700K funding round will receive the appropriate amount of the 30% share of the current value. Full purchase value following this funding round shall be determined at the proposed purchase date.
   Beyond the Greens: Charting the Course for Market Domination
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NBC Sports Commentator Jimmy Roberts demonstrated FairwayPro during the Accenture Match Play Tournament. 

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FairwayPro 60-second commercial, online and retail video. A five-minute version with live testimonials from PGA Teaching Pros was also developed for other uses, including social media.

A similar video will be produced featuring the outdoor and indoor commercial versions.

FairwayPro is featured at the largest golf retail store in the US. Several retail facilities set up testing areas, allowing golfers to try out the product and purchase it following first-hand testing.

FairwayPro consumer version is sold in golf course pro shops in the US and will be expanded worldwide.

Our 60-second video showcases the sales features of FairwayPro in action alongside the product.

   New Technology Analysis and Durability Testing


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