Same Proven Hitting Mechanism on All Versions. 

The FairwayPro turf tray is a training aid that provides a more realistic golf practice experience. Unlike stationary range mats that can create issues with clubhead bounce and force you to change your swing, the FairwayPro allows you to hit down-and-through and groove your authentic swing. This means you can experience the feeling of hitting off the fairway and taking a divot correctly. With FairwayPro, you can confidently practice your swing and improve your golf game. It is specifically designed to mimic the feel of hitting off a natural fairway. Unlike traditional range mats, it gives way under the clubhead and allows you to hit down-and-through, just as you would on a natural fairway.

This means you can practice your authentic swing without having to make any compensations for the problem of clubhead bounce. The result is a more realistic feel and experience of hitting off the fairway and taking a divot.

Every golfer who is serious about the sport understands the importance of practice. Yet golfers who don’t have access to real grass must settle for practicing on range mats that do not react the same way natural turf does. Until now. FairwayPro — the ultimate golf practice device — allows you to practice the way you play.