Best Product Award

FairwayPro Ultimate Divot Simulator Golf Mat Wins “Best New Golf Product” for 2009 at Amsterdam Golf Fair

Los Angeles, CA,  — ( — FairwayPro is very proud to announce that at the Benelux Golf Fair held in Amsterdam in early October, FairwayPro won the award of “Best New Golf Product” for 2009.  This was the Amsterdam Golf Fair for retailers and golf professionals, and these visitors had to choose from about 15 new products introduced at the show.  FairwayPro handily won with 44% of the total votes.

“The FairwayPro is a portable golf driving mat that has a spring-like action built in to simulate a divot and also take away the force on your wrist that traditional mats have.”

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James McFarlin, FairwayPro, Tel: +1 (310) 614-2116