Our First Generation Golf Practice Mat System Reacts Just Like Real Grass

Allowing You To Practice The Way You Play

A video is worth a thousand words.
View our 1-minute video to see FairwayPro in action.
Then peruse the rest of the site to further understand the design mechanism, features, and benefits.
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By simply watching how FairwayPro responds when impacted by the ball being struck,
and comparing that, side-by-side, to a pro golfer shot

— there is nothing more that needs to be said on that score!

Advanced Innovation In Golf Swing Improvement – Now Going Commercial

FairwayPro was initially designed for golfers to use at home or take it to a hitting facility, as shown in the video above.

Functionality, Durability & Media Coverage

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Lee Trevino once remarked that “golf mats have ruined the game of golf.”
Golfers from his generation grew up learning to play the game on grass, a luxury enjoyed by few city dwellers.
FairwayPro solves the largest disconnect in the modern era of golf: the glaring gap between practice and play.