Customer Testimonials

“Your FairwayPro, Ultimate Divot Simulator, was fantastic. I was able to do impact drills for the first time ever! I was sold.

Jim, I was very impressed with the quality. It felt like taking divots off a bent fairway. I believe you now have the best mat. I would endorse your FairwayPro mat to any country club, golf course, driving range or consumer. I believe once you hit off Jim McFarlin's FairwayPro Divot Simulator you will not want to hit off any other mat.”


— Ted Sheftic, New Oxford, PA
GOLF® magazine TOP 100 Teacher

“FairwayPro is an innovative and high quality product that effectively occupies a niche in the golfing market due to unique design and effective price points. With the changing emphasis in the golf game to shorter rounds and range play (due to time becoming an ever more valuable commodity) the FairwayPro product represents the future of the practice golf mat.”


— Jonathan Kilmartin
IMG, a global sports, entertainment and media company

“The intrinsic strength of the product lies in its originality. I see a great deal of potential and agree it provides a verifiable practice aid of high quality.”


— Manager
David Leadbetter Academy

“This product is OUTSTANDING! When I was introduced to the divot simulator, I was amazed at the way you could dig or even hit punch shots off the mat without the bounce back that is typical of every standard range mat. In addition to that, we tested the FairwayPro with a FlightScope to determine the effect of hitting 'fat' shots. As we know with a normal range mat you will get a bounce-and-slide effect masking a fat shot, producing what looks to be a good shot while the golfer impacted inches behind the ball. If you impact the FairwayPro heavy, you will see the loss of distance just as you will when chunking it on real turf. This is a must-have for any public range rats who are relegated to hitting off of mats. It's the real deal.”


— Brian Skena, Scottsdale, AZ
PGA Teaching Pro

“I absolutely love this. My 8 year old daughter is a Junior World Champion and we hit balls into our backyard net from a Mat. I try to minimize her from hitting from a Mat because it doesn't have the same feel as hitting from the grass.

So after buying this and using it for several months these are my thoughts:


  • It does slide forward when you strike the ball and does feel like taking a divot.
  • The ball flight is more accurate. When she hits from the mat, even when she hits it slightly fat, it still flies like normal. On this, if you hit it fat, the mat slides forward so the strike is not good, just like hitting it fat.
  • She uses this indoors all the time to practice her 'Brush the Grass' swing drill. That is the best golf swing drill we have found to have a good ball strike.
  • Prevents injury. Since it slides forward when you hit it, it is not jarring unlike when you hit from a mat which has given me injuries in the past.


The frame on it is plastic and can get damaged if you hit it by accident. So always put your club in the middle so that you can reduce the risk.


I just love it and it really does work as described. I hope I don't damage it so that I can use it for more years to come.”


“I have been playing golf for over 50 years. I am 61 years old and from December through March I hit approximately 500 balls every weekend. I have used a series of shock absorbing mats over the last 20 odd years and the FairwayPro is by far the best mat I have ever used. The first mat I had was the SodBuster by ParBuster. It was effective but they dropped the quality of the replacement hitting surface. I next tried the TrueStrike gel mat. It was a creative design but the gel bladder burst and the cleanup was very difficult. Next came the VJ Singh mat. It did effectively reduce shock but the actual hitting surface was rigid and did not in any way simulate grass. Now I am using your FairwayPro. The hitting surface at 1" thick truly replicates grass and the sliding surface absorbs the shock and simulates hitting off a well maintained fairway. The mat is very easy to transport and the rubber surface on the bottom of the mat keep it from shifting. I could not be more pleased. The bottom line is "IT WORKS AS ADVERTISED."”

— Stephen G Sturman, Putnam Valley, NY

“Being the importer of the FairwayPro for the Benelux we had people trying the units the last 4 weeks. Everybody loves it!! We even took immediate orders from pros and consumers direct after they tried it!! We had a score of 100% from the first 9 pros who tried it!! We now are about on a percentage of 85% with many more pros having tried it. 2 Dutch European Tour pros who tried it will use the FairwayPro for their training. (100% score) Congratulations Jim !! we are happy to have added your FairwayPro to our product-range.”

— Pee Jee Gorissen, the Netherlands

“The FairwayPro is a unique product that offers a lot of advantages for both high handicappers as well as low handicappers.  Golfers do not have to 'change' their swing due to a hard golf mat.  With FairwayPro, they can train their swing exactly as they would do it out on the real fairway.  Best of all, most of them feel this straight after they have tried the FairwayPro.”

— Kent Madsen, Denmark

“My teaching hat goes off to you for inventing the FairwayPro, 'Ultimate Divot Simulator'.  As a PGA Professional, I've been teaching students from hard standard mats for over 25 years.  I enjoyed the experience of hitting balls from your simulator, it was soft and very realistic, as if I was hitting off real grass outside.  It was a pleasure to swing a club indoors, hit down and through knowing the 'Ultimate Divot Simulator' was going to absorb the blow.

I live in the Midwest, during the winter I do a lot of teaching inside at the golf domes.  By the end of the winter, as a teacher, demonstrating and hitting off the standard hard golf mats, my hands and arms are feeling the punishing shock from trying to hit down and through the ball, my students have often made the same grimacing comments.

Jim, you have a winner, I recommend the FairwayPro, 'Ultimate Divot Simulator', to all players of all levels who are going to practice with the intent to improve there 'Real Course Swing' indoors or out.  It's portable, light weight and easy for anyone to transport.  Good Luck Jim.”


— Gary Brooks, Twin Lakes, WI
Twin Lakes Country Club
Head Golf Professional

“The FairwayPro product is the best hitting mat concept in the industry.  The feel of the turf giving way at impact simulates the divot taken when you hit the ball on the fairway.  Also, because of the 'give', this allows the turf to withstand impacts and extends the life of the mat 10 times longer than other traditional mat surfaces.  A tremendous reduction in the cost of purchasing new mats every year.  I also like the convenient carrying model which allows golfers to bring it to any driving range or use it in their home.”

— Chuck Fricke, Lincolnwood, IL
Turf Masters of Chicagoland
Designer of Practice Centers and Putting Greens

“After hitting the FairwayPro, I left a smooth fit than others.  It helps to protect my joint.”
“Despues de usar el fairwaypro senti el golpe m·s suave que con otros y esto ayuda a protejer mis articulaciones.”

— Francisco Briere, Guatemala

“I found the FairwayPro to provide great feedback for attack angle and have a true feel.  A great way to feel, hear, and see what tour players do day in and day out.  Plus it's portable... a winner in my book.”

— Greg Sampson, Swansea, MA
Elite Golf Center, AMF Instructors Division Member
New England Golf Monthly

“During my time in golf, never have I seen a better practice mat. The FairwayPro will help you get a better feel when training and help to enhance your golf.”

— David Edwards, United Kingdom
International Trick Shot Artist

“I thought the FairwayPro was great.  The resemblance to hitting off the FairwayPro Divot Simulator and taking a shot on the course was remarkable.”

— Brad Wallin, Canada
JBD Golf Inc.
Custom Putter Grip Maker